Director's Message

The Samarpan Institute of Nursing & Paramedical Sciences is being managed by the Akshaya Seva Sansthan, which has to its credit, RSD Samarpan Hospital and Pooja Medical Centre in Lucknow.

Strength and perseverance are the two paths that lead to the goal of great things. Strength exists within a few privileged people, but perseverance may be employed by the weakest of us, and rarely fails in its purpose; for its silent power grows greater with time. Our Management Team is blessed with such qualities.

Institutions are not built overnight, It requires tremendous effort on the part of management, staff, and students. Excellence is reached by keeping abreast of the fast paced development in health care industry and providing quality training to its students for the whole spectrum. Career -oriented training is necessary. We will endeavor to achieve this goal, and to provide better career opportunities to the students of our institute.

I would like to assure you that, I shall always be there for you all, and be a part too, in every Positive Activity, for the development of this Institute. My endeavor and ultimate aim is to develop an Education System, which can inculcate in each student, moral excellence, enhance the strength, power and qualities of mind to open up, unfold and supplement the intellectual abilities; and prepare our alumni to meet and sustain any challenge in life, stand-out in the service of mankind and society at large and India in particular.

May God help us in achieving this.

Mrs. Nirmala Dubey

Samarpan Institute of Nursing & Paramedical Sciences
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